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China's first custome home industry-standard published

Time: 2015-12-15 16:51:53   Views: 2980

  • December 5, "(full house) custom home products Universal Technical Standards" published by the National Federation of the Furniture Industry Association initiated and jointly Elite Chinese enterprises to participate in custom home custom home industry's first standards for the preparation of the launch, will on January 1 next year began.

    The new standard for custom home products proposed regulations

    In recent years, the custom home industry has been rapid development, but at the same time, the rapid development also faces many problems, such as market homogeneity, the price chaos, service is not perfect, return difficult issues such as the urgent need to establish normative standards .

    The industry standard is about the implementation of the definition of a custom home products, classification, materials, general provisions, technical requirements, transportation, storage, etc. regulations. Such as insecticide-treated timber should, drying, moisture content should be 8% to product area average equilibrium moisture content of wood + 1%; the company should express the main components of the material, quality and product design, function and quality of information; hardware metal alloy parts should be no rust, oxide film off, crack, spraying parts should be seamless spray, corrosion, sagging.

    Insiders: also need the test of time

    This month, "(full house) custom home products general technical standards" came out, which means that custom home industry will enter a new period of development. So, the implementation of this standard will have any impact on the custom home market, industry analysts Listen below.

    I am happy cupboard responsible Auger introduction, the introduction of this standard can be custom home industry has played a guiding role, but can play a role in maximizing, we also need the test of time.

    EU to send Cabinet Division Manager Zhang Yu believes that the custom home products new standards, not only fully demonstrated the domestic industry as a rising star - custom home industry has been fully affirmed the industry, and will make in-depth custom home universal, so that the rapid development of custom home industry.