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Tengfei furniture to carry out production, clean activities

Tengfei furniture to carry out production, clean activities

On April 28, 2022, our company carried out the activity of "Ensuring production and keeping clean". To ensure the production schedule, to ensure the quality of products, to ensure delivery on schedule, is the commitment of Tengfei furniture to all customers. Under the premise of ensuring the above three items, the cleanliness of the workshop and the spiritual outlook of the employees are also particularly important.

Arrange the team leader one day in advance to inform the staff to carry out activities tomorrow - to clean and organize their stations and dry areas, so that they can remove dust and scale and look new. And carry out quality awareness and production efficiency education for employees, so that they understand the importance of quality and efficiency for enterprises.

After the cleaning is completed, the production state is quickly returned to ensure the output and quality of the product.



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